Asnaf Trading Group has been active in exporting and importing nuts, dried and fresh fruits, rice, dates and saffron to different countries for nearly twenty years.

 Our activity has been mostly in European and West Asian countries.

In addition to exporting and importing, our company has several sub-categories in the field of production and packaging of various fruits and horticulture.

One of the activities of our company is the production and packaging of dried fruits such as dried apples, bananas, dried oranges, etc.

Our company also works in the field of date gardening so that it can export dates with desirable quality, organic and at the desired price.

The union has offices in Iran, India, Dubai and the United States Which can create a suitable business network in different regions.

 We will give excellent services of the mention of product in your brand in different packaging as per your requirement.

and we’ll make assure our clients that the groceries at the destination with proper care and hygiene and good packing.